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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

Hi. I’m Jacque and I want to help you on your journey towards inner peace. No, there is nothing wrong with you. Actually, everything with you is just right. But, as spiritual beings living in a noisy, chaotic, human world, we could all use more love, acceptance and belonging. With so many responsibilities, choices and influences in our lives it is difficult to know if we are doing things the right way. Let me tell you a secret that not everyone wants you to know or believe. The right way is YOUR WAY and I want to help you tap into your own inner wisdom so you can live your one wild and precious life in a way that feels good, true and JUST LIKE YOU.


Jacque Saltsman | Healer

Are You...

  • tired of being paralyzed by uncertainty and all the critical voices in your head?
  • struggling with finding your own wisdom and truly stepping into your power?
  • constantly looking outside yourself for answers and feeling anxious from all the noise?
  • exhausted by doing everything yourself; unable to receive the support that you crave?
  • feeling lonely because you're afraid of being real and no one knows the true you?

I get it. I’ve been there. I can help.

Can You Imagine...

  • letting go of anxiety and guilt and stepping into the flow of YOUR uniquely brilliant life?
  • walking taller with confidence and ease knowing you belong and are deeply worthy?
  • having the courage and freedom to trust yourself to know the next right step?
  • feeling truly supported by your inner wisdom, your tribe and the universe?
  • accepting yourself exactly as you are and being inspired to become more YOU every day?

I believe in you. You deserve it. You can do this.

Jacque Saltsman | Healer

What's It Like?

"Working with Jacque has helped me in areas of my life I didn't even anticipate addressing with a life coach! What started as a journey to figure out my next career move morphed organically into an honest discussion about my deep-seated fears and behaviors that cause me discomfort and pain and hold me back from truly squeezing the most out of my life. Jacque's kind and gentle way has helped me to calm my anxieties, worry less, enjoy the moment more, and generally feel happier. Our early-session foundational work of identifying my values and passions has begun to inform my daily life decisions and helped me stay true to what I want out of life."

“With calm, caring and unconditional support, Jacque provided clarity and intuitive perspective that helped me get "unstuck". Instead of focusing on my negative self talk of “shoulds” she challenged me to play a bigger game by exploring all of the potential “coulds”. Jacque showed me how to work in alignment with my strengths and calling, helping me to grow in ways I couldn’t always see, but she could!”

“The biggest benefit from my work with Jacque is my reduced anxiety, which I didn't realize was sabotaging my life in so many ways. Through teaching me the calming benefits of mindfulness, meditation, journaling, and by simply giving me permission to enjoy life without that familiar guilty feeling that often creeps in, Jacque has helped me to relax and learn to relinquish my stranglehold on control. Jacque has helped give me the tools to relax into the flow of life and I am forever grateful!”

"The biggest shift I got from working with Jacque was total self acceptance that enabled me to take complete control of my own life, independent of any external factors that I thought were preventing me from doing it. Being in a relatively new step-family situation, I got caught up in depending too much on my partner for my personal happiness. Working with Jacque helped me to take back my own responsibility for my happiness. My relationship with my partner and his kids has changed significantly as a result of this. I thought "they" were preventing me and finally realized that "I" was preventing me."

"Since working with Jacque I have come to know that anything is possible. It sounds really cliche, but she's given me the the ability to reframe situations that I'm experiencing that have helped me see them in a different light and approach in a healthier way. I now have confidence to realize that all I need to do is be me. I have gained better relationships, the stamina to continue moving forward (even through the waves of resistance), more happiness, laughter and joy. I also smile more and make the effort to be who I want to be -- a loving generous, creative, fun, and light person."

Jacque Saltsman